Parents of Teens

Do you feel overwhelmed with the uncharted challenges of parenting in the digital age?

Are you and your partner at odds as to how to diffuse tension and create a more positive family dynamic?

Are you concerned that you are losing your connection to your teen?

A healthy parent-child relationship is essential to your teen’s developing sense of confidence and well-being, and knowing how to create a constructive dynamic for the relationship is an essential factor for success.

Using principles based on the latest research in mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, and attachment theory, my approach provides you with an opportunity not only to learn how to create a thriving relationship with your teen, but also to recognize and leverage your own unique strengths and gifts. I work to develop a deep background of the causes and context of various behaviors, understand why they currently manifest in destructive relational patterns, and empower my clients to create new healthier patterns in a safe and constructive manner.

My style is warm and collaborative; I work closely with my clients, as well as psychiatrists and other medical providers to coordinate care. I will assist with referrals for medication as needed.

Sessions are 50 minutes in duration.