Online Counseling

It’s difficult to find the time for all of the things that are important to you. You know you could benefit from therapy, but it feels like one more thing on your to-do list.

For many people, juggling the demands of a busy work schedule, family commitments, and time for yourself can feel overwhelming. Online therapy makes taking care of yourself and your relationships a little bit easier.

Which is why I offer secure and confidential online counseling by video conference.

Sometimes referred to as telemedicine or video therapy, online counseling provides an easy and secure option for people that would like the convenience and flexibility of meeting from home or work. Online counseling is a fast growing field and has been proven to be as effective as face-to-face therapy sessions.

Is online therapy right for you? It very well could be.

Some of the reasons that you may benefit from online therapy:

  • You travel often for work and find it difficult to commit to a regular appointment time
  • You have limited time due to family, work and social obligations and want the convenience of flexible scheduling
  • You prefer the comfort and convenience of meeting from home

The best way to decide is to simply give it a try. Schedule a free 20-minute introductory consultation and see what you think.